Cover of Celebrate HCPSS Issue 6

Issue 6: Back to School 2017

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Celebrating a New School Year

Interim Superintendent Martirano looks to the new year as a time to learn and grow. Fittingly this issue focuses on continuous improvement.

Continuous Improvement Throughout HCPSS


Celebrate HCPSS highlights Continuous Improvement initiatives, including supporting female students in STEM classes and more.

Better Supporting Life Readiness for English Language Learners


HCPSS has raised the bar for language proficiency of students in the ESOL program to better prepare them for college and workplace success.

A New Vision for Science Education


HCPSS has adopted a new model for science education to prepare students for college and 21st-century careers.

Narrowing Achievement Gaps


More HCPSS students are entering college immediately after graduation, and achievement gaps in the areas of college enrollment and completion rates are narrowing.

Math-Empowered Updates to Bus Transportation


HCPSS recently adopted a state-of-the-art mathematical modeling tool to make its bus operations the most efficient and cost-effective transportation system of its kind.

Innovative Classroom Designs Enhance Student Learning


HCPSS students and teachers reimagined two learning spaces to redesign mathematics classrooms that increase engagement.

Serving Students One Color Copy at a Time


With new equipment and increased efficiencies, the Print Shop offers more capabilities and handles more jobs, while reducing costs and offering the same turnaround time.

Keeping More Kids Healthy and Ready to Learn


HCPSS’ school-based telemedicine program keeps more students in the classroom.

HCPSS Earns A+ in Healthy School Foods


HCPSS was the only Maryland system to earn an “A” on the School Food Environment Grades report last year from Healthy School Food Maryland.

HCPSS Saves Over a Quarter Million Dollars Sharing Resources


School Swap enables the school system to better utilize existing resources and focus more on the classroom.

Teaching in HCPSS: A Dream Come True


Noelle Mineart, an HCPSS alumna and River Hill High School teacher, always knew she wanted to teach math in Howard County.

School's out, Summer Learning is in


Celebrate HCPSS highlights summer HCPSS activity that promoted student achievement and well-being.


HCPSS celebrates remarkable achievements made by students, alumni, staff members and schools. These are just a few.