Jump Start Into Middle School Spanish

HCPSS has taken an important step in preparing students for the modern global world, as the school system offers many of our students world language instruction in continuum from Pre-K through high school.

World language instruction is now provided at eight elementary schools through our new model for elementary education. To provide continuity with Spanish language instruction for students moving from these schools into middle school, the school system has added world language and differentiated instruction in 6th grade at eight feeder middle schools.

Understanding some entering 6th-graders would come to these feeder schools with no previous world language instruction, HCPSS introduced Jump Start into Middle School Spanish this past summer to help bridge that instructional gap. The course is taught in the target language, so students can begin to build Spanish proficiency to communicate at the novice level.

HCPSS aims to graduate every student with intermediate or higher proficiency in a world language. The Jump Start program is an important addition to the many pathways that prepare students for that level of global readiness.

To learn more about the Pre-K through high school world language continuum, visit http://hcpssne.ws/supcrnr041316.