Saddling Up for Safety with the Bus “Roadeo”

With approximately 40,000 HCPSS students riding 453 yellow school buses over 5.5 million miles this school year, safety remains the number one priority. One way the school system supports bus safety is through its annual bus driver and attendant training.

“Annual safety training is critically important to our operation,” said HCPSS Director of Transportation David Ramsay. “The various topics covered each year not only support the mission of our school system but also strengthen the skills of our drivers and attendants to deliver outstanding service to our students, parents and schools.”

This past summer, HCPSS bus drivers took part in a bus skills “roadeo,” demonstrating their ability to successfully maneuver a school bus through a challenging serpentine course and a diminishing alley, as well as backing into a loading dock, and more.

Longtime bus driver Kim Lescalleet felt the roadeo was a “good refresher course” and represents the system’s focus of “putting the children’s safety before anything else. And the drivers’ safety, too.”

The training also included stations demonstrating the proper use of wheelchair tie-downs, car seat securement and other safety skills, as well as sessions on special education compliance and transportation best practices.

Lescalleet, who “loves her job” because of “the children and the amazing teachers,” appreciates the support she and other bus drivers and bus attendants receive from HCPSS through training like the roadeo.

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