Ducketts Lane Bridges School, At Home Learning

Elementary teachers across the system have been expanding their Canvas usage for family communications by sharing instructional tools, important dates and events, announcements, and more.

Ducketts Lane Elementary School is an early adopter of Canvas for family communications. For example, 4th grade teachers send weekly updates to families that include reminders, math objectives, science problems, ELA resources and health information. Teachers also provide sick students with screenshots of the day’s lessons, so they miss less instruction.

Fourth Grade Team Leader Courtney Madden embraces being able to communicate with her families more closely, so students are consistently taught at school and home. “The bridge between school and parents is huge. The better we have parents on board, the better students will achieve,” she said.

Heather Harbison, whose son Hunter was in Madden’s class last year, is a big advocate for Canvas. Her family used it daily for homework, English Language Arts worksheets, additional resources and especially math. She said, “Before, I couldn’t help Hunter with math problems because I didn’t know how he was being taught through the Common Core. Ms. Madden put up math examples of what they learned that day, so this way if Hunter had questions, we could work on it together.”

Connecting Communities

Last year the school system rolled out HCPSS Connect to provide its school communities easy access to personalized and timely student information and classroom instructional tools. School communities have begun to explore the endless communication possibilities through the Canvas Learning Management System, our digital platform for classroom tools in HCPSS Connect. Two schools illustrate how Canvas can be maximized for improved relationships, instructional consistency and even school spirit.

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