River Hill Re-envisions Student-led Communications

“The feeling of inclusion that Canvas creates makes every member of River Hill feel connected with one another,” said River Hill Sophomore Vice President Meg Graham, adding that “River Hill has responded to the Canvas communications with eagerness.”

This year, River Hill High School Student Government Association (SGA) students are taking the reigns of the school’s Canvas community to connect everyone with the latest updates and news on sports, activities, community service, colleges and more, all in one place.

The school community page came to be as last year’s Leadership class looked to help improve school communication to deepen relationships, increase school spirit and make student services more accessible. Working with their school and Central Office, the students decided Canvas, a central platform used by everyone in the school, was the natural solution.

John DiFato, River Hill teacher and SGA executive board sponsor, commends the students for proactively using Canvas as a time management tool to better balance homework and school events. He said, “The increase in school spirit and attendance at school events have been huge successes and part of the driving force behind the creation of this page. Students wanted to know when events were and plan around attending them.”

Students will be even better able to plan for extracurriculars this year as school clubs and activities will be able to directly communicate with their members through Canvas.

The students hope to help other schools in developing their own community pages, as interest around the school system has begun to spread. As River Hill SGA Executive Board President Anna Selbrede said, “We have presented to staff from other schools, all of whom believe in its usefulness to their communities. We hope to run trainings to help this be implemented everywhere possible.”

Watch how the River Hill community page came to be: http://hcpssne.ws/2cESg0D.

Connecting Communities

Last year the school system rolled out HCPSS Connect to provide its school communities easy access to personalized and timely student information and classroom instructional tools. School communities have begun to explore the endless communication possibilities through the Canvas Learning Management System, our digital platform for classroom tools in HCPSS Connect. Two schools illustrate how Canvas can be maximized for improved relationships, instructional consistency and even school spirit.

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