Giving Back as BSAP Specialist

As a Black Student Achievement Program (BSAP) achievement specialist, Patricia Branner-Pierce lives out her passion of giving students and families enrichment and support opportunities.

Branner-Pierce’s inspiration comes from growing up in East Harlem. She credits her mentors—like those in the BSAP— with changing the direction of her life.

Branner-Pierce is deeply grateful that her world was broadened by attending and later tutoring at a youth program. She said, “If it wasn’t for that program, I know I wouldn’t be here. That program is very similar to what I’m supervising now with the Community-Based Learning Centers (CBLC). The children we serve. That’s me. I’m one of those children because I showed up to get homework support and be exposed to other things.”

HCPSS’ BSAP works to close achievement gaps and helps all students take advantage of opportunities. Along with her BSAP achievement specialist colleague, Sheree Whitby, Branner-Pierce provides leadership for the BSAP summer program, CBLC after-school enrichment program, Saturday Math Academy, school-based BSAP liaisons and more. Coordinator of Academic Access and Achievement Programs Zeleana Morris said, “Pat’s position requires that she interact with stakeholders within the system and external stakeholders as well. Her personality is such that she’s able to be inclusive. She validates what everyone brings to the table. She’s able to clearly articulate our vision as a system and their vision as a support, and move forward with a common goal.”

Branner-Pierce always knew she wanted to be a teacher and has enjoyed a career in education spanning four decades and four states. Branner-Pierce came to Howard County, drawn to its family-oriented environment and quality education system, and has worked in the HCPSS for nearly 30 years. She taught in elementary and middle schools until she became a mentor teacher. From there, she became an achievement equity resource teacher, supporting teachers to implement multicultural instructional strategies. Branner-Pierce then jumped at the opportunity to focus her energy on developing BSAP’s elementary programs before taking on her current role.

“I think I’m most proud of seeing the number of people that have passed through BSAP and see how they have grown. Some students grow up and come back and tutor here,” Branner- Pierce said, grateful that the cycle of giving back continues.

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From Facebook

Illustrious. Good job.
—Harold B.
Terrific, Patricia Branner-Pierce, you know we LOVE and support you!
—Trentton M.
Congratulations to one of the loveliest people I've ever known!
—Marcia G.R.
I worked under and alongside this amazing, dedicated, brilliant woman for 2 years. Her strong leadership skills inspire her team to provide the best education possible to all children, regardless of their circumstances. Pat's compassion for all students, the sheer kindness she continually shows her staff, and her genuine servant's heart are the fiber that drives her on to excellence. She instilled in me the ideal that All children can learn! That you can teach Math through the Arts, History through Music…etc, that we must use creative means to reach and engage our youth, and that we must never give up on them. They are our present, and they are our future.
—Paula D.S.