New IEQ Coordinator Gets Schools to Their Healthiest

Greg Maciulla’s extensive background in construction, project management, business, green building and workplace safety made him a fitting appointment as Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) coordinator for HCPSS. In his words, he’s focused on “getting the classrooms to the best health they can be in. If the rooms are healthy, the kids are healthy. My goal is to decrease absenteeism and increase alertness in the classroom.”

Maciulla’s IEQ coordinator position was created to manage the new HCPSS IEQ protocols, as laid out by the IEQ Advisory Committee last year. As part of the program, he leads walk-throughs of each facility with a team of school- based staff, parents and community members, which help empower them to perform their own regular inspections. As Maciulla works with staff across the system on this newly expanded initiative, he said his job involves “communication, awareness and understanding, more than anything.”

Maciulla has managed a wide range of complex construction special projects in the commercial sector, with residential and custom homes, and most recently for the HCPSS Office of School Construction. He has worked as an independent contractor and consultant, and in coordination with governmental agencies on sensitive projects while serving as a construction company’s acting safety director. As a firm believer in sustainable practices, Maciulla was the founder and chair of the Western Maryland Branch of the Maryland Chapter of the United States Green Building Council. He is also active in various other community leadership roles.

HCPSS Executive Director of School Facilities Olivia Claus describes Maciulla as “very collaborative and responsive, and a clear asset in looking into concerns that may be part of IEQ awareness. He, along with Environmental Safety Specialist Jeff Klenk, will use whatever resources are needed to make sure the schools are safe and ready for staff and students.”

Maciulla’s work is deeply rooted in the value of education, which his father instilled upon him at an early age. With this inspiration, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University and an MBA from Johns Hopkins University. A self-professed family man, Maciulla serves HCPSS alongside his wife, Heidi, who works in the curriculum office.

EPA Applauds New IEQ Protocols

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regional administrator Shawn M. Garvin recently praised HCPSS’ implementation of IEQ practices: “It is encouraging for the Environmental Protection Agency to see school districts such as Howard County implement an indoor air quality program that better protects children’s health. Students and teachers spend a large part of their lives in school buildings, and it is essential for families to know their school district is committed to providing a safe and healthy indoor environment.”