Cultivating Computational Thinking

HCPSS is helping solve a major statewide challenge: preparing more students with computing and problem-solving skills for in-demand career fields. The school system helped develop Maryland’s Pre-K-12 computer science framework based on the new national framework’s identification of key computer science concepts and practices.

HCPSS computer science offerings have a long legacy. The school system has offered AP Computer Science for the past decade in all 12 high schools. This can be taken alone or as part of HCPSS’ Computer Programming Academy, one of the CTE Career Academies.

Computer science education now reaches even more HCPSS students as the state recently added computer science-based classes as options to satisfy the technology education graduation requirement. Beginning this past fall, Howard County students can take either the Exploring Computer Science class or the new AP Computer Science Principles course to fulfill this requirement.

HCPSS instructional offerings bene t from our partnerships with national nonprofit and the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). helps bring computer coding workshops for HCPSS teachers at all levels. UMBC also offers professional development for Howard County high school teachers, and together work to make HCPSS computer and technology curriculum inviting and welcoming to all students.

River Hill High School and Bowie State University computer science teacher Dr. Lethia Jackson explains the importance of computer science education: “The education of computers has evolved from keyboarding to the study of applications to learning the principles of computers, how to program as well as technology innovation. Computer education is equity for all. Due to computer education, within 10 years, all inquisitive minds will know the how, what, when and why of computers.”

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