Developing Financially Informed Global Citizens

No matter where today’s Howard County graduates go after high school, they must be prepared with the financial literacy skills for responsible living. Through our curriculum and partner-led programs, HCPSS students learn about making informed decisions; relating careers and education with income; managing money, credit and debit; and creating and building wealth.

Financial literacy is integrated into a variety of courses throughout a student’s academic career, primarily taught in Social Studies courses in elementary school, in the Family and Consumer Sciences course in middle school and in the American Government course in high school.

Integrating financial literacy throughout a student’s education, at every level and in several classes, better enables HCPSS to teach these concepts in age-appropriate ways.

HCPSS is fortunate to draw upon the expertise and resources of many partners, such as Junior Achievement of Central Maryland, to help prepare Howard County students with the skills and knowledge needed to make sound personal financial decisions in a global economy.

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