Wilde Lake Middle School students demonstrating their future city model

Two teams from Wilde Lake Middle School received recognition for their projects at the Mid-Atlantic Region Future City competition. “MMAAGAPOLIS” was voted best overall team by their peers and won the Student’s Choice Award. “Palmarius” was chosen by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying for having the Best Land Surveying Practices. The students—Alex Chen, Marvin Chen, Maya Classon, Harry Cohen, Aminah Coleman, Gabriela Hernandez, Joshua Molinari, Alex Nguyen, Lexi Nguyen and Alex Wood—researched and designed the projects to address real problems facing modern cities.

Reservoir High School student Christian Michael designed a replacement part for HCPSS’ floor buffers, which schools can access through 3-D printing. Michael, who received support from technology education staff, enabled the school system to replace discontinued parts and save thousands of dollars in custodial purchases.

The four members of the Testify Software team wearing their company shirts

River Hill High School seniors Quinn Kelly and Druvesh Pate are cofounders of a company called Testify Software Solutions, and are getting ready to pilot their first web application product called Mindmap. The app will help students learn in a way that works best for them and help teachers understand their students better.

HCPSS students Cypress and Renarda Booker published a book with their father, Mark Booker, called “Why Our Teacher Wears Yellow.” The book follows the adventures of Roodee the yellow school bus and his friends and is “dedicated to all the yellow school bus drivers who are the most valuable transportation teachers.”