Serving Students One Color Copy at a Time

In-House Printing Reduces Print Shop Costs by 90 Percent

“The Print Shop feels connected to our students because we’re printing what they’re taking home for homework. We do the best job we can to help students learn,” said Manager of Print Services Jarrod Thompson. “We also want to help the teachers, so they don’t need to stand in front of the copier all day. If we can give them some of their time back, they can focus more on planning.”

Under Thompson’s leadership, the Print Shop is saving the school system money by bringing more jobs in-house. With new equipment and increased efficiencies, the shop is offering more print capabilities and handling more jobs, while offering the same turnaround time. Thompson sums it up with, “We can do more and cost less for the same turnaround and quality product.”

Leslie Gilbert, HCPSS coordinator of continuous improvement, said, “The Print Shop has really evolved. A lot of the changes are a result of Jarrod’s positive leadership.”

Thompson is a hands-on, customer service-oriented leader. He responds personally to requests, actively problem solves with staff members, orders supplies and fine-tunes color copy jobs. “By being on the floor, I get to see through my staff’s eyes where they can be more efficient and make our products better. By handling the customer service, I can hear what our schools are asking for,” Thompson said. “I don’t shy away from helping people, I like to help figure it out.” He’s grateful that he’s supported by hardworking staff dedicated to providing HCPSS with the best service.

Thompson has been around printing since childhood and worked in a print shop in high school. He worked at the Montgomery County Public Schools print shop for a decade, working his way up from making deliveries to handling customer service with external clients. A true believer in continuous improvement, Thompson was drawn to run the HCPSS Print Shop, where he could be innovative based on the latest industry trends.

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